Memory and Narration. XX IOHA Congress, 2018.
University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Kansainvälinen muistitietotutkijoiden konferenssi (IOHA) järjestetään Jyväskylässä 18.-20.6.2018. Konferenssin yhtenä teemana on lukemisen muistitiedon tutkimus (oral history of reading experience). Esitelmäehdotusten jatkettu DL on 2.10. Konferenssin ensimmäisenä päivänä 18.10. järjestetään englanninkielinen työpaja lukemisen muistitiedon tietokannoista.  

The theme of the XX IOHA Congress is Memory and Narration. The congress focuses on the complex and multidimensional nature of oral history, and we welcome presentations from diverse perspectives. We invite papers that focus on methodological issues concerning the production and analysis of oral histories and life stories. We especially encourage contributions related to oral history sources as narratives/narration and applications of methodological theories and practices.

Therefore, the panels and presentations will address the following themes:

-       Archived oral history
-       Personal and shared narratives
-       Transgenerational memory
-       Class, gender, age and memory
-       Traditions, folklore and history
-       Oral history research in different disciplines
-       New waves of oral history
-       Oral history, theory and ethics
-       Oral history and narration
-       Life narratives and oral history

The XX IOHA Congress coincides with the anniversary of two important events in Finnish history, the centennial of the 1918 Finnish Civil War as well as the end of World War I. The congress organizers would therefore like to welcome also contributions that address memories of wars and other conflicts, narratives of survival, intergenerational war memories and communities of commemoration.

The deadline for proposals has been now extended until the 2nd of October 2017.

Fourth NNRS Conference: House of Science and Letters,
Helsinki 26-28 September 2018

Call for Papers: Renaissance Libraries and the Organisation of Information  

The Fourth NNRS Conference will be organised by the Association for Classical Philology of Finland with the collaboration of the Academy of Finland and University of Jyväskylä project Late Medieval and Early Modern Libraries as Knowledge Repositories, Guardians of Tradition and Catalyst of Change (LaMeMoLi, 2017-2021) and with the financial support of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The organising committee invites scholars of all fields of Renaissance studies to contributions on the role of Renaissance libraries in the organisation of information, not only as regards the information contained in the volumes but also as regards information about the library as an institution projected by the books and the library setting. At least one, preferably several, of the following aspects should be considered.

1) Library premises: organisation of space serving organisation of information; contributionof the architecture to the prestige of the owner

2) Cataloguing systems

3) Materialbooks: in manuscripts, strategies serving the organisation of information, such as indices; in printed books, in addition to printed indices and lists of contents, hand-written annotations serving the organisation of information; material characteristics of books, such as binding and decoration, contributing to the prestige of the owner

In addition to sessions on this general theme, a few specific sessions with papers on other aspects of the organisation of information in the Renaissance are welcome. Furthermore, young Renaissance scholars are invited to present their research on Renaissance subjects in a poster session.

Please send in your proposal of max 350 words in a separate Word file (NO pdf), containing your name and affiliation, by 31 October 2017, to Outi Merisalo (

Further details, including instructions for registration and a provisional programme, will be posted on the NNRS conference website in September 2017: